• Amy Bender

Small goals, Big wins!

I have lost 4 lbs and 6inches!!!

I always love looking at before and afters from others. I admire their vulnerability and confidence. I think it is so important to see goals and set them for yourself and celebrate when you reach them.

Right now I am not showing a before and after pic. Why? Because to me it is not about that.

When I started this program 3 weeks ago I was on a mission to actually commit and finish a full program. I usually get bored and then do another one. This time I stuck to it. Every single one, every single day!

I did not set out to lose weight, but to tone and be disciplined. I accomplished my goal, but found so much more. I found community. These girls that I work out with in the morning are so inspiring. Before, I would give up and I now look forward to waking up every morning to hit play and workout. These girls are there when you say you are struggling, they affirm you and encourage you. I don’t even know some of them personally, but through this community I feel like we are all best friends.

So, my journey through #mbf was a successful one. I lost weight, I lost inches, I found community, and I proved to myself that I could stick with something. So you may not see a before and after pic, but my after is so much happier and healthier than my before. That is what I want to show today.

I do take pictures, I do step on the scale, and I do take my measurements, but what I feel inside is so much more important to me than what I look like on the outside.

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