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For a very long time I have desired to start a blog where I could be a source of encouragement to someone, as well as give the wins and fails of my life. I am real. I am not perfect. So many times I am asked how I juggle it all, but really I am just like you. I let many things fall and I have learned how to pick up some of the dropped balls in some areas of my life and make it better, while still learning how to keep others afloat. There is no perfect person, but what makes us all great and amazing is when we can use our wins to help others succeed in life, and also share our faults so that others can see that there are real people out there.


I also want to be able to share some of my homeschool journey with you all as well as some fitness motivation.

I hope that you find this site encouraging to your heart. Please make sure to comment and share.



Every since I was little, writing things out has always been a source of therapy. As a teenager I used to write my thoughts in a form of a poem. I have stopped doing that in my adult years, but a few years ago while going through some old stuff I stumbled on them.


Never have I been a journal writer. I may write a sentence or two when I need to release something that is bothering me or a thought that I need to ingrain inside my heart and mind. I have gotten away from writing and I miss it so much. When I get the itch to write I get a brand new journal thinking I will keep it up and I get about 10 pages in and I stop. Sometimes getting real with yourself is hard and the fear that someone will read your thoughts is scary.


In the last couple of years I have had the feeling that I needed to start getting my thoughts out, not just for me, but for all of those women and moms out there that need to hear other peoples wins and losses, struggles and triumphs and know that they are not alone. What we go through on a daily basis is hidden by the glamor of social media and pictures on our walls. We hide the real and raw things in our lives thinking that we may be thought less than or maybe we want to celebrate but are afraid no one will celebrate with us. I have been there. The editing process of everything that I put online is intense.


Why do we do that? Why do we hide who we are?


Join me as I reflect along the way of life. As we discuss motherhood, homeschooling, fitness and heath, and so much more. I hope you will journey along with me.


Hi! My name is Amy and I am married to my high-school sweetheart and love of my life, I am a blessed mom of 5 amazing kiddos, I love Jesus with everything, and I am super passionate about health and fitness as you will see from this blog. My number one mission in life is to help people feel connected and loved. I hope and pray I can do that through this blog. I feel like when we are real, others don't feel alone.



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